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Benjamin Franklin said there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes.

There is another: bills. We all receive them. They have to be paid. By a due date. 

Think of how you receive bills today. Paper bills posted to you. Emailed to you. Maybe across multiple email accounts. 

Think of how you remember to pay a bill. Stack them neatly in a pile. Pay them as soon as they arrive. Flag emails that have bills attached. Or none of the above, just try to remember and get reminded when the overdue notice arrives. 

Think of how you pay. Log into your online bank to enter in a BPAY, EFT, Osko, ACH or bank billpay payment instruction. Go to the company’s web site, payment page or ring a number to pay by credit card. For each bill. Or maybe the company offers the ability to set up a direct debit authority from a bank account or card. Hope you have enough funds in your bank account when the payment is pulled, whenever that is. Or you need or want to change your credit card and have to contact everyone. Annoying.

What if all your bills were sent to one place of your choosing? Where you could see them, track due dates, pay them when you want, with a source of payment that you control. Automatically. No rekeying data.

And guess what, companies that send you bills want you to be able to do this too. Because chances are you will pay your bill on time or before the due date. Which is all they want.

Payreq exists because we make this a reality.

Our Payreq Delivery solution is for companies to enable them to send bills to youwhere you want to receive them. 

Our Payreq MyBills solution allows customers, whether you are a consumer, business or Government Agency to specify to all the companies that bill you how you want to receive bills. 

To an email address, great. Into your accounting system, great. Into your online bank bill presentment product, great. Into some other system, app, digital destination? We are adding more all the time. And your Payreq MyBills is a bill management app itself. If you want to use it.

Payreq. Helping you manage your bills and payments. Your way.