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How to implement digital invoicing without a big IT project

September 10, 2019

The benefits of delivering a digital invoice to where your customer wants it are clear:

  • Better customer service
  • Faster revenue collection
  • No transcription errors
  • Guaranteed delivery (just once!)
  • Lower delivery cost 

The options are growing:

  • BPAY View to get data to customers’ online banking
  • Integrations into MYOB, Xero or Reckon SME accounts payable
  • Bulk delivery for Agents managing multiple accounts (like property managers)
  • Even email with pdf attachment or a link to hosted bill details

Are you an enterprise finance, operations or customer support executive? 

Capturing and maintaining diverse customer communication preferences is tough. Linking billing to the growing number of potential digital channel integrations just feels like a massive IT overhead. And a never-ending implementation nightmare.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Payreq can provide the benefits of new digital channels without a new IT project.

“We just send the billing data file to our print house as usual, and Payreq picks out the bills that need to be sent digitally and makes it happen. We have a secure arrangement and a great Payreq management console so we can tell exactly who chose BPAY View, who chose to get the bill straight into their Xero accounting software or wherever.” This comment from Brian Austin, Revenue Manager at Hornsby Council. “Our rates staff can see when a bill arrived and when the ratepayer looked at it. If they want to change their preferred email delivery address, the customer can do it through the Payreq MyBills system 24/7. But we can see the change and know the receiver was authenticated.”

Founded in Australia by former Head of Tech at BPAY, Andrew Stein, and lead by CEO Brian White, a former BPAY GM and former Commonwealth Bank payments chief, Payreq simply uses data feeds already in place to prepare billing data for printing. And goes from there. If there is already a BPAY View or email digital invoicing implementation, Payreq links into that. Payreq can even recreate the digital payload from a print-ready pdf file.

The Payreq cloud-based registration and invoice delivery platform can sit outside the Biller’s platform but provides complete management information and a return data feed where required.

Bills can be loaded manually as a file by operations staff, by SFTP or API integration by the Biller or, for lowest impact, by the mail house. Over a dozen leading Australian print/mail houses have integrated already to the Payreq platform to offer effortless access to new digital delivery channels for their Biller customers.

“We know that every Billing Manager is always in a billing system improvement project and the last complication they want is the prospect of a complex project to offer a new bill delivery option. We designed the Payreq interfaces to simply adapt to what all Billers have had in place for years and decades. We just convert the data file they already send to a print company into a form that suits the new customer preference” says Head of Tech at Payreq, Kristie Bergamin. 

The Payreq platform offers a wide range of easy ways to manage customer registrations and bill delivery to make the expansion implementation with almost every existing billing process quick and simple.

Robert Smart from Stonnington Council thinks the modular approach from Payreq is great. “Because they took a data stream I already had in place with my mail house, adding new digital delivery options is just a commercial decision. They rang a while back and said I could now send bills straight into my customers MYOB if I wanted. I said sure and they turned it on 10 minutes later.” 

Another recent client commented: “Our implementation took me only a few hours of work. The Payreq system leveraged what we already had in place for bill printing, so there was no need for data transformation or IT work. I really just needed to sign the contract and set up passwords for me and our admin team. Training was quite intuitive.” 

“We serve over 1.9 million people and 50,000 businesses and bill some of them every day using digital and paper notices. When our BPAY View connection provider cancelled their service, we needed to respond within less than 6 weeks to avoid massive disruption to our customers. We were frankly surprised at how easy the Payreq implementation was. Their platform interfaces and their team supported all the options we needed to cutover without any dev work our side, just a test cycle. And our customers never noticed.” said Abdul Malik of Yarra Valley Water. 

Payreq works closely with transaction banking teams at the major business banks. When one of their transaction banking customers needs a quick and easy way to add digital bill presentment via BPAY View to their consumer billing, Payreq’s specialist support team and platform flexibility quickly gets all parties live and realising the working capital efficiency of digital invoicing sooner.

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