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Payreq leading with government eInvoicing

December 03, 2019

Get paid by government in 5 days or less.

For some years, Payreq has provided digital invoicing services in the Australian economy. 

Working with the Digital Business Council for some years, Payreq encouraged governments to lead on standard setting, invest in new capability and promote policies which make sending and receiving bills better for everyone.

Three key milestones have recently been passed:

  1. On 31st October, the Australian Tax Office, in cooperation with the New Zealand government, finalised the standards and Access Point accreditation framework necessary to support suppliers and payers to send and receive PEPPOL eInvoices. 
  2. Finance Minister Mattias Cormann announced on November 7 that from January 2020 the Australian government will make supplier payments within 5 days for digital invoices received using the chosen global PEPPOL eInvoicing standard.
  3. During November the NSW Government conducted a pilot working with The Federal department of Human Services (DHS), NSW Dept Customer Services (DCS) and supported by the ATO. 

Payreq participated in the NSW Government pilot, illustrating use of the Payreq platform which is already enabled for invoices from large and small suppliers to be delivered in the new PEPPOL standard selected by Government.

Payreq already delivers hundreds of thousands of digital invoices between supplier and customer systems. Some of the recipients are consumers, who receive bills into online banking for easy faster payment authorisation, reducing errors, saving cost and assuring security. Other bills are already delivered to government agencies or small and large businesses already using Payreq integrations to their accounting software.

The next challenge for governments will be informing thousands of their suppliers of a new option available to send eInvoices to government. And get paid faster.

All they really need to say is “Payreq”.

Payreq can support any business who wants to be paid by government within 5 days with an easy to use, automated service to send eInvoices.

For a small business, this can be setup in an hour or two. Even for a large enterprise, adopting the Payreq delivery platform is surprisingly simple.

Contact us at support@payreq.com to find out how.

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