Enabling secure digital document delivery


Financial Institutions

Quickly and easily integrate with & provide new services to your customers through implementing the Payreq HUB Solution.


Payreq HUB Solution

Financial Institutions require tremendous work to facilitate the implementation of new products and service within their online portals and systems.

This takes valuable time and resources, both of which can be in short supply.

Payreq has developed a modular HUB solution that facilitates easy integration with BPAY Payments, BPAY View and other services as they become available, such as, e-Invoicing, and NPP (new payment platforms).


Cost effective & quick to market

Payreq has developed a rich set of API’s that integrate with your system and require minimal effort and customization on your part.

If there is additional system specific work to be undertaken we will work with your technology team to develop the required solution.

Our Payreq console has been developed to allow clients to manage and implement their digital delivery requirements, whether through BPAY View, NPP or eInvoicing. Our console allows the client to proactively manage their registration, authorize and report on registrations to allow digital delivery.


Why use Payreq?

Payreq provides solutions that are designed to integrate easily with your existing systems.

New technologies and schemes such as Blockchain, NPP (new payment platforms) and eInvoicing are adding more complexity to the already fragmented digital bill and document presentment and payment ecosystem.

Payreq are experts in understanding the global e-Presentment ecosystem and delivering innovative, customer focused solutions to the problems that exist.

Our technology team can work with cloud or stand-alone systems to ensure that you are connected to the systems you want and need.

At Payreq we love receiving feedback from our current and potential customers. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.