Enabling secure digital document delivery



Payreq is committed to helping educational institutions distribute their documents digitally and securely through online banking.


Problems faced by schools

Is your school experiencing any of the following pain points when it comes to fee invoices and statements?

  • Parents losing or not receiving documents/invoices/statements
  • Parents not paying on time
  • Resending and chasing up parents who have not paid yet
  • Difficulty reconciling received payments
  • Payment method incurring higher fees

We have the solution

Utilizing BPAY View to distribute your documents, invoices & statements can reduce the pain and increase the gain to your school.


  • BPAY View documents are guaranteed to always be delivered and can be viewed by parents at anytime through online banking. 
  • Parents are notified when your document arrives and receive a reminder two days before payment is due. 
  • By allowing parents to receive & pay directly through online banking you are providing a convenient and easy way for them to pay with just a few clicks. 
  • The payment is received by your school as a BPAY payment, the cheapest reconcilable payment. 
  • By using BPAY View you eliminate the need for paper correspondence, reducing your schools environmental impact. 
  • Delivery through the trusted BPAY channel is secure, guaranteed and instant versus the less trusted email which today is experiencing increased fraudulent activity. 
  • Leveraging the BPAY brand is a cost-effective solution that can benefit your school.

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Not just for invoicing

Implementing BPAY View means all your documents can be sent electronically

  • Fee invoices/statements
  • Certificates
  • School correspondence
  • Newsletters
  • Notices
  • Reports
  • Permissions slips
  • General Update


Notifications & Reminders

Parents who register to receive your school correspondence digitally are notified as soon as a document is delivered to them, allowing them to review the document immediately, which drives beneficial outcomes

Parents will also receive a reminder that a document needs their attention 2 days prior to the payment due date or document expiry date, reducing school administration time issuing reminders and tracking down payments.

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